The Ingredients of the Sauce.

The lyrics behind the 8 songs of my latest album SauceDripPercLipNoCapHappyNow

1. 5 Carats for T'yanna

Put ya money where ya mouth is

Kylie Jenner

Slightly better

Than many of the veterans in the letterman sweater

Reminiscent of Anthony Cruz (@quietazmoney)

Minus the lisp

Leave you niggas hella confused

Minus ya b*tch

Said she wanna roll with the winners

Like Maverick (@mavcarter)

Shes a goner

Hop in the sprinter like magic

Made her smile like young roland outta duval [@livduval

For a while I moved more box than uhaul

I rap for niggas with a mortgage

Just real life aint wit all that hypebeast performance

For fathers of daughters that got recitals

Embellish with the fellas cigar night revival

Gimme a v cut,

Macallan 12 neat

Yamakazi papi

aint fuckin wit the peat

The only squares that i know fold in my pocket

Sippin manachevitz at home shalom shabbat

See me out i be alone nizzo thizzots

Aint no kitten worth what ive written

I dont mean rap i spell my life sentence

[sex isnt worth ruining what ive intentionally “spelled” into my life. Spells are powerful]

The presence in all my kids lives at present


All dat bottle poppin for peasants

[coparenting and blended family life is hardwork and an example to notice]

All ego

Broke shit,

Nigga rich

U got a hublot

No insurance or benefits

Damn i see where your priority lie

Tryna live yo best life the majority die

This is just info

To kin folk

From big bro

Wit sick flow

Slid from NY

To Atlanta for the re-intro

I came here with no agenda

besides they were tired of conspiring New York pretenders

Im more Bankhead then Buckhead

On Abernathy u can catch me in the West End

Eatin Slutty Vegan you might even see me skippin the line

Or at The Gathering Spot

Rolodexin the vibe

Got a new wife, new sun, new daughter, My first born just moved in I praise the Lord up

This ain’t no pretend you been following Chris,

been with the blend like Mashonda and swizz

This is grown ass shit

Not that VH1

It aint good for the psyche

I got love ms young (Mona Scott Young)

I realize this might come off as pretentious Fam

and way too many bars for your attention span,

not D Hitchcocks, sans the nick grant, I mean the little boys who find joy sagging their pants,

Young man ya whole booty out, how you tough?

Oh shit the beats over gave u niggas enough

2. A lowercase manifesto

I should manipulate my voice too

Like these boys do is nothin new

Ask Q

Tip I flip slap all that nasal shit up out ya

Take away that trick whats the amazing shit about ya?

Im just callin it like I see it

I could be at ya beyitch inappropriate in a Fiat

My nigga who needs clout

You do

Thats because what u rap bout is doo doo

Tell 2’Chainz if Mr Carter doesnt bother gettin on that joint on his album I wanna he should holla

Yeah He should holla

I can spit that shit

Yanno husband artist entrepreneur good father lit

This is adult contemporary rap

You see the grey in my beard and I dont paint it black

But if thats yo thing, homie then thats yo thing

Just do what makes u happy dog

Thats why i sing

I just wanna say what i feel

We spend alotta time fakin the real

Cause Real dont seem to appeal

Its all cap now

You know the deal

just wanna say what i feel

We spend alotta time fakin the real

Cause Real dont seem to appeal

Its all cap now

Let the youngins tell it he tryna he tryna sound like Cole

I started rappin in 95 he was like 10 years old

So because i havent been famous, to date,

As maybe whats his name is

Who came and went...

Im whack like Payless?

This is authentic and refreshing to rap lovers like you

Turnin 40 wit a new baby

This feels good to me too

I cant do these new rap moves with the awkward bop

But i aint no hater so i aint gon say yall should stop

Just dont expect it outta me i aint no a dancer nigga

And if they question the flow u know the answer nigga

I need u text this to ya homie

tell em hip hop back

This is cigar scotch & Mortgage rap

Responsibility is freedom

Im flyin high

This is lifestyle music

I write with pride

I aint fakin it till im makin

Im givin it how I live it

Its authentic, play it in your ride.

3. Happy NOW?

I been watchin

I been lookin

I been sittin back

I been chillin

I been patient

I been checkin facts

And would u guess what the fuck i found

You niggas lie. Why?

Cause you like the way it sound

Pullup in the wraith with the missin roof

Bad bitches in balen See i could (balenciaga) do it too

Shit i love a good vision board

But all this vision board rap

Says ya visions bored,

Brand new whip got no keys

This Brand new shit got no meanin

And I aint pickin on the Lil Baby

Too many grown ass niggas still lil babies

Sauce Drip Perc Xans Lean Lit shit no cap happy now?

Wraith Rarri skrrt skrrt draico AaaaP Patek

Ummm am I rappin now?

Sauce Drip Perc Xans Lean Lit shit no cap happy now?

Wraith Rarri skrrt skrrt draico AaaaP Patek

Ummm am I rappin now?

This aint a judgment of what u into

But if musics a view point- wheres the window- ... nourishment for the soul? Shit THIS the menu?

A lotta people care what u really been thru


Blue (blew) checks before instagram

On the side blue checks

Fear of Gods- Damn

Ya favorite new rappers' never been this old

Ironically Atlanta winters never been this cold

Nah i aint talkin bout no ice nigga

im nice wit it i rap rap

Say it twice

Im far from broke but i cant afford

gettin caught up in the whirlwind dont even know the price of the ...

Sauce Drip Perc Xans Lean Lit shit no cap happy now?

Wraith Rarri skrrt skrrt draico AaaaP Patek

Ummm am I rappin now?

4. Coretta

True fame, world acclaim and pretty women

Private plane, finer things luxury livin

Supple leather the porsche carrera is rarely driven

Sexual appetite superseded for somethin different

True goals tied the knot no loop holes

on the road foul shots dont shoot those

Self control im growin up

No alley oops on the lobs they throwin up

Security is an added feature

The reason i reach your uterus jus a lil deeper

All trust, loyalty is your favorite trait

All us, royalty in a major way.

Started off chillin at first

Cause honesty works


You lived in atlanta

plus you knew i liked to flirt


We made no promises

Just somethin casual

Didnt want monogamous

feelins came gradual

both had sons

From previous situations

Probably the biggest of perceived limitations

When we made love i was feelin in your soul

Multiple arrivals so why would we ever go

True beauty

Big booty

Aquarius various energys moody

Head to toe so fine

So then came the time

When i put it on the line

Now ya last names mine

Grown man hold hands when in the mall


Slow dance and stun em all

Four bands ferragamo is all tan

Strong minded i so invite it im grown man

You really know me like one of the homies OG

Get toni and tone and tony for anniverseries

It never rains in southern california

Take ya to santa barbara for marijuana


Medicated on THC


Lifes great no TMZ

I promise to only love you better

When the conversation is honest ya kittens wetter

All trust, loyalty is your favorite trait

All us, royalty in a major way.

But then came the time

When i put it on the line

Now ya last names mine

5. Gotta Make It

I gotta make it

I gotta make it

I gotta make it

I gotta make it

I got 2 sons I gotta make it

Shit I got 2 guns you'll never take it

Nigga Look at my wife she got expensive habits

Who am I to tell her she shouldnt have it

Rockin Herrera on the Riviera livin lavish

Beyond her worth still down to earth like Tiff Haddish

I want that thing up in a hangar nigga no garage

I been comfy since Run lemme drive the Arnage

But bein too cool aint in my stars

I ran away from home cause i couldnt listen to Nas.

i gotta make it

I gotta make it

No excuses i gotta make it

I been at it a long time

Ask Padell Nadel and Jake Fine

I look at Mark Zuckerberg and get inspired

And wish a brother were in his shoes but thats why

Im motivated and catalyzed to fraternize

And analyze strategize

w/ Afro tech samurais

Imagine thousands of fly little black kids

Proud of what rap is hearin it like they dad did

I gotta make it i gotta make it

I got no excuses Im liberated

Cause mass incarceration is designed to constrict niggas time and time is money

You readin my mind?

I need all that Black Panther dough

But in Atlanta by a Black film studio

Black music supervisor guys its so important

I know my role at nine, never thought I was Jordan

Now i gotta shot i gotta take it.

I gotta make it i gotta make it

I wanna leave something for my grandkids besides Cinamatic Instagram vids

couple cribs couple cars couple pieces

For juju omar and all my nieces

This is for my niggas at the factory

all the nurses when the ERs capacity

Third shift late night at amazon

Target in the parkin lot puttin the red polo on

I gotta make it

i gotta make it

Keep telling yaself God

I gotta make it

All these chances I just gotta make it

I gotta make it

I gotta make it

I got 2 sons I gotta make it

Shit I got 2 guns you'll never take it

I gotta make it

I gotta make it

6. Black Oscars

First of all im a New York nigga

New kicks, new chick, new fitted

You can put me anywhere ima kick it

125th G Dep lets get it

I hate when niggas say u make REAL hip hop

I will STILL fuck ya bitch in gucci flip flops

The problem is if i say anything intelligent

Ya call it conscious like its some how not relevant

I agree that this aint really for KOD

But ce la vie

Out the Bose in the SUV

On my way to the Black Oscars

The late Oscar Grant is gettin honors

SomeTell ryan coogler hes a monster

Magic & jordan'll be the sponsors

The great Quincy Jones'll pick the artist

For the robert glasper ensemble

Look its The lebrons

Sippin on

Armand with

The simmons

And The carters

And obamas

Aight lemme not get ya hopes up

The jokes up

Got u niggas nervous like the ropes up

Now im not as melinated as the greatest

But i know chocolate lou gossett niggas who dont say this

Quick who's the nicest nigga u know of ?

For every joint that he got i'll make four of

Oh and these 16s i got more of

Sip somethin clean g'head roll up

For all the women whos uggs are not leanin

And drugs theyre not pheenin

And love theyre not schemin

From thugs that mistreat em

Cmon and gimme a hug u know u need it

After this'll be the album

No big deal, so big deal without one

Got the whole world waitin on the outcome

Im the mix of detroit red and malcolm

No conk in the hair nigga

Watch ya flare nicca

Stay over there nicca

Dont u dare nicca

Im sippin rare liquor

Fuck around and lose ya one hit career nicca

Thats just station identification

If u needed clarification

Now u know my name

Not a game

Tryna make this paper plain (plane)

And i aint talkin roc nation

7. Grant Hill Timeout

Too many niggas that pillow talk

Leave your table Red

Not the Jada and Willow talk

Nowdays the cornballs are gettin the airtime

I dont mean the lil niggas-they deserve their time.

I m talking about the grown ass men with lame Ways,

you went platinum and gold but lame stayed.

Think about it, your only means of survival is going viral?

All those views you don’t see who’s getting lied to?

Niggas do anything for a little clout..

gonna make my daughter Rap,

call her Lil Clout

I wasn’t allowed to wear grant hills, now this beat playing aloud from Grant Hill

Never had to be no dope boy

Still got the dope boys callin me dope boy

Thats what God did

I know what the odds is

It all adds up like correct deposits

Direct intellectual flexin on this

Exceptional festival-esqe composite

Chicks and the next nigga left is on it

But yet to have met such a threat opponent

Niggas too cool to head nod,


I Used to put his broad to sleep, head-nod, it evened out

Yeah i tell em to scream it out

Thats for you and for anybody im leavin out

Them niggas aint rappin, they vibin

Thats cool but the art form aint survivin

I respect battle rap niggas they got bars thats crazy

But put em in the studio that shit aint wavy

Nah nigga that aint hate

Name one wit a hit

I’ll wait

Muhfuccas see the lightskin, get it confused

Fragile lil ego just gettin abused ..

Fuck all that cool shit..

8.Past Patek & Piguet

This aint snapchat rap

Here today gone tommorow fuck that

This is for culture

For us creatives the spirit is native middle finger for the poachers

Times up for misappropriation

You not my nigga dont say it in your basement

Speakin of time ups we really gotta stop

Treatin women like thots

Thats just not hip hop

A hoe is a hoe and a hoe is okay

If a woman makes that choice but u dont have a say

but hey

Im just tryin to say

Cause the people we look up to

Had nothin to say

s/o the women who are bosses in this motha fucker

Got kids and still awesome in this mother fucker

Got our name from a woman

game from a woman

How could we rape our women

I put thoughts into words

And words in a song

But really its been way too long

Times Up

I dont have a back pack nigga

Tumi suitcase where the strap at nigga

Louis vuitton luggage in the mondrian lobby

I got songs in 100 movies its a hobby

Dont ask me come to ya show and freestyle

Please Im 30 somethin years old im no child

No disrespect but nigga what u thunk

If you met kobe bryant u wouldnt ask him to dunk

Just because you aint heard of me dont mean im new

I been nice since Hempstead in 92

Its obvious i can rap

But id rather u buy my shit not like it on a app

Not no newcomer believe it

Wheres my writers split this interview is streamin

Sharin all my heart no tmi

Yall a couple quarters behind like my bmi

Only writer niggas would get that

Only writer niggas would get that

I put thoughts into words

And words in a song

But really its been way too long

Times Up

Im not here for dissin no new rappers

I just think a lot of em hustle backwards

Wheres the cultural merit

New heat 2 weeks they forget it

A song long its longer than 2 minutes

Cmon man your attention spans pathetic

I realize with a lack of fathers in the home

You dont wanna hear nothin from anybody thats grown

I get it

Im not here to be Common

Of creflo dollar

my nigga im just rhymin

We dont lose around here

Go thru hell fail forward No losses

Just lessons round here

Change the narrative

went from bottom of the barrel

to ownin the factory

where all the barrels is

God damn

Black man how u picture that?


Johnny Nunez is in the back

I put thoughts into words

And words in a song

But really its been way too long

Times Up


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